Kathryn Ullrich Associates, Inc. follows a rigorous retained search recruitment  process (and flow) that identifies high performing talent for your company based on a variety of established metrics. Effective recruiting takes years of experience and the most effective recruiting process is one that is continually refined and customized for each client, as every client's needs are different.

Define specification
Identify target companies
Determine jury and interview process
Meet stakeholders
Schedule regular progress meetings
Share potential candidate profiles
Pursue candidates at target companies and in network
Do initial screening interviews
Introduce candidates through resumes and qualification write-up
Incorporate feedback in search strategy
Understand candidate motivations
Take "360 degree" references
Set offer expectations with candidate to help close deal
Coach candidate and client through offer negotiation and close
Offer congratulations
Follow-up with client and candidate during first year. Seek ongoing recruitment process flow feedback for greater optimization.


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